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Felle, a nationally renowned artist and Detroit native, began painting at the age of 14 and has since grown to have a long standing career of accomplishments.


At the age of 21, he became an entrepreneur opening his first business, “Another Level Airbrushing and Nail Salon."  


In 1995, he signed with a publishing company and began traveling the U.S. selling his art to both fans and art galleries across the country.


Felle has painted stage backdrops for a vast array of celebrities including Tyler Perry, Beyonce, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and Kanye West - to name a few.


In 2005, Felle opened “Kingpin Kustomz” on Livernois, which grew over a ten year stretch where he painted murals, customized motorcycles and eventually ventured into the world of body painting.


In 2014, Felle appeared on GSN’s hit reality TV show, “Skin Wars," working with renowned talents RuPaul, Rebecca Romijin, Robin Slonina and Craig Tracey. His passion for his community and art alike was the sole inspiration for the birth of his best work yet! The Fel'le Gallery


"To be able to paint a beautiful picture a vacation I've experienced and I think everyone should," said Felle.


His path to being an artist is unique. Nobody in his family was into art.


"It just happened, because nobody in my family had the talent. It's a God-given gift and over the years I just perfected it and kept working at it and never stopped."


"When I'm painting it's a relief it's a vacation for me and it gives me an opportunity to paint something from within and that's important to me. Also there's a magic that I believe is involved."


Felle gets most of his inspiration from music and that's definitely reflected in his detailed portraits.

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